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Water opens doors for the gospel

Help dig a well to quench physical and spiritual thirst

The people of North Ghana are thirsty. Young girls and women spend hours each day walking along hot, dusty roads to find water for their families to drink. They balance large buckets of this precious resource on their heads, transporting it for miles, only to do it again the next day.

So as Muslims work to spread their religion, they offer villagers the one thing they crave the most: water. In exchange for the gift of boring a well, villagers give permission to build a mosque next to it. To use the well, residents must first register at the mosque.

It’s a critical strategy to spread Islam throughout Ghana, which is one of the few countries in the region that is still majority Christian. Believers are feeling an extreme sense of urgency to provide water to villages — not only for physical health but to stop the spread of Islam.

“Water is a powerful resource more than words can describe,” explained OneWay Africa Director Ray Mensah. “As they say, ‘water is life.’ No one can live without water.”

This Giving Tuesday, OneWay wants to use water to help open doors to share the gospel. For $2,500, we can provide a well to a community that is thirsty not only for water to hydrate the body but also for Living Water to quench spiritual thirst in communities that haven’t heard the name of Jesus.

Ghana is surrounded by nations dominated by Islam. In small villages where families live in mud huts, it’s becoming common to see a brand new ornate mosque standing in sharp contrast to the primitive dwellings.

“They [Muslim leaders] say, “OK, give us three days,’” Mensah said. “And they come in three days with a truck, ready to drill the water. And then they will build their mosques, and the water will be by their mosque.”

Our goal is to provide at least 10 new wells in 2024. It’s a precious commodity that will help us build relationships that can lead to spreading the Good News of Jesus, and at the same time, prevent the spread of Islam.

Would you prayerfully consider helping OneWay open doors to the gospel by funding all or part of a well?

We are excited to share that your investment in reaching people with the gospel will be DOUBLED thanks to generous partners who have pledged $100,000 in matching funds to help us reach our $200,000 goal! Praise God!

​Your investment will help grow God's Kingdom

Goal: Open doors for the gospel by providing wells for 10 unreached communities in Ghana in 2024

Total cost: $25,000

How can you help?: Each well costs $2,500. Fund part or all of a well to help give unreached people access to both physical and spiritual water.


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 between now and Giving Tuesday to activate key initiatives for 2024?

(If you previously gave toward Giving Tuesday in November 2023, your gift also will be matched.)


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