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How does a $10 SD card transform lives?

"We needed it yesterday!" pastor explains

The hundreds of SD cards piled on a desk at the OneWay Africa office look like nothing more than a stack of electronic data.

But Pastor Musah Abdulai* knows this tiny piece of technology has the power to transform the lives of one of the largest and most staunchly Muslim people groups in North Ghana.

Embedded on the cards provided by OneWay’s BiblePlus team is God’s Word translated into the Fulani language, along with sermons, stories and worship songs. Facing persecution for reading the Bible, those curious about Christianity can slip an SD card into a mobile phone, allowing them to hear God’s Word for the first time in their heart language.

Abdulai, a member of the Fulani tribe himself, became a Christian after someone gave him one of the SD cards.

“That’s why I know it works,” he said as he prepared to leave with this next installment of cards. Like other pastors in the area, he is eager to get his hands on as many of the cards as possible.

It costs only $10 to provide a BiblePlus SD card that can bring the hope of Jesus to an entire family in West Africa. We are praying that God will provide funding this month through generous partners like you so we can distribute at least 2,000 more SD cards to get the Bible into the ears of people who otherwise might not ever hear God's Word.

In other parts of North Ghana, pastors also are urgently requesting BiblePlus players and SD cards to give to villagers.

Pastors and missionaries explained that once they have shared the gospel, the audio Bibles are essential to help people learn more about Christianity. Entire communities will gather around a BiblePlus to hear sermons, worship songs and Scripture when they don't have a pastor in that area.

"We are here to get the BiblePlus," explained a missionary named Eric. "We needed it yesterday!"

A girl in a village in Kombaland in North Ghana used BiblePlus to learn Bible stories in her heart language.

BiblePlus is helping bring the gospel to animistic communities and Muslim people, including the Fulani. With fewer than 1,000 known Christians among them, the Fulani are moving into Ghana, fleeing jihadists in neighboring countries and primed to hear the gospel.

“We have a lot of Fulanis in Ghana, and even those in Nigeria, Benin and Burkina Faso … are moving into Ghana,” Abdulai explained. “If we are well-equipped in Ghana here, then we [will] be able to reach them better.”

Tribe members are often prohibited from reading the Bible or, in many cases, going to school, leaving them cut off from outside influences.

“Some people don’t have the opportunity to hear the Word,” Abdulai said.

With help from faithful partners, OneWay Africa has distributed more than 22,000 BiblePlus solar and SD units since 2013 in six languages, and pastors and missionaries across Ghana are urgently requesting more. For just $10, you can provide someone there with life-saving access to God’s Word.

* Name changed for security

Your investment will help grow God's Kingdom

Goal: Provide 2,000 audio Bibles Total cost: $20,000

How can you help?: $10 covers the cost of one SD card, which is often shared with an entire family


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 between now and Giving Tuesday to activate key initiatives for 2023?


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