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Our Spaces

An inviting and collaborative atmosphere

Available Suites

Lakeside Center offers affordable space that allows resident ministries to focus more resources on their mission. We offer an inviting and collaborative atmosphere between non-profit ministries and Christ-focused companies.

Available spaces vary and range from single, small offices to large suites. In most cases, heat, electricity, water and internet are included. Parking, yardwork, snow removal and other facility operations are also included.


All resident ministries have access to the shared two-story atrium, training room, dining area, restrooms and other common areas.  These shared spaces are available unless they are reserved for an event.

Contact us to view one of these available suites:

Suite 103: 3,198 rentable square feet

Suite 110: 1,169 rentable square feet

Suite 120: 1,126 rentable square feet

Suite 130: 1,144 rentable square feet

Suite 140: 1,702 rentable square feet

Suite 150: 1,918 rentable square feet

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Our Spaces


Natural Serenity

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Our Location

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Event Rooms

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