Weekly Encouragement


OneWay has daily, weekly and bi-weekly podcasts to provide encouragement and challenge listeners in their faith.

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Want this next season in life to be your best? Find encouragement and practical ideas to help you love God and reach people like never before with our weekly Brand New Day podcast. Let Michael Thompson's wise, disarming words — sprinkled with his soul-soothing piano — inspire you to fulfill your purpose with joy.


OneVoice is an artistic and compelling resource that will rapidly bring information from the field to the ears of believers who can unite in prayer. The podcast features stories collected from workers and believers on the ground in Afghanistan. Join the global prayer movement, and pray for Afghanistan every week!

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Listen to stories of Christian transformation from around the world on this bi-weekly podcast. Hear miraculous coming-to-Jesus stories from all walks of life and be amazed at how God writes a story in all of us. And stay for the Sendoff, where we feature an artist’s take on each testimony shared. 

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MNN exists to inform multitudes about stories that matter and empowers them to take action that changes lives. Listen to broadcasts five days a week in a 1 minute, 2 minute or 4.5 minute format.