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A web-based fisher of men

New OneWay staff member brings the gospel to unbelievers online

One of OneWay’s newest staff members was a self-described “nerd” growing up, with a passion for computers. Today, he is using his love of technology to reach people for Christ and help OneWay branch out into digital evangelism.

Known as “Sparrow” to protect his identity, he has developed strategies to connect and share the gospel online, with a focus on those from the Middle East. He often connects with people who would otherwise have no access to the gospel, particularly in areas with high Christian persecution.

“The thing that [Sparrow] does for us on the internet is more effective for us than a hundred cups of coffee with neighbors hoping that one of them will be interested in the gospel,” said one evangelist who works with him.

Sparrow partners with several online evangelists who are often people with Muslim backgrounds ministering to those in the Middle East. He thinks of himself as a megaphone for these evangelists by providing a channel or platform for them to share the gospel with their own people groups.

A web-based fisher of men, Sparrow spreads wide nets to draw in those who are hungry to learn about God.

“With the ability to put the gospel in front of thousands of people a day, when a small percentage of those people respond, our nets are full of seekers. [People who respond] are much more open and hungry than if you were to meet face-to-face with a hundred people hoping some of them would be hungry,” Sparrow explains.

In the future, he hopes to help other OneWay missionaries engage in similar online ministry.

”If I can contribute my gifts toward the greater effort of evangelism, then that’s a blessing and a joy for me,” he says.

To help spread the gospel through Sparrow’s online ministry, go to Click on "A Gift Where Needed Most" and include a note that it is for "Sparrow's support."


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