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Two new languages, two more leaders

BiblePlus October trip will finish recordings, train BiblePlus missionaries

The mission to create audio Bible content in the heart language of unreached people in Africa will advance in several exciting ways this month thanks to the work of OneWay’s BiblePlus team members who depart for Ghana today.

BiblePlus U.S. team leaders Pete and Beth Beckman will be training two young Ghanaian men to be year-round BiblePlus missionaries, making it possible to gather more recordings from believers in their own country to reach their people groups. The team also will finish the work they began in January of recording Christian content in two new languages.

Thanks to many generous donors, OneWay Africa has distributed more than 21,000 audio Bibles in Ghana since 2013 to people with little to no access to God’s Word. They are a powerful tool for discipleship and evangelism.

After this month’s recordings are gathered and finalized, BiblePlus content will be available in 12 languages.

Each BiblePlus handheld player brings not only Scripture but also the encouragement of sermons, Christian testimonies, community health information, worship songs and more to people in their heart language.

The vision of OneWay Africa’s BiblePlus ministry is to see local missionaries equipped for creating digital media resources (such as BiblePlus) and developing new leaders to bring the gospel to the unreached.

God has answered the BiblePlus team’s prayer to raise local missionaries to carry on this work year-round. Two young men who already serve with OneWay Africa’s Jesus Film Campaign have stepped forward to receive technical training this month in the BiblePlus recording process. These missionaries have seen the impact these audio Bible units have on seekers, new believers and church leaders who receive them. Now they will become Jesus Film Riders by night and BiblePlus missionaries by day!

The team asks for prayer for Spirit-filled recordings and for endurance, good health and no equipment failures during the trip. Please also pray for protection for the team as well as their families while they are gone.

Join us in praying for God’s blessing on the BiblePlus October recording trip, and learn more about the ongoing ministry of these audio Bibles by watching our Africa video series at

Partner with OneWay Africa’s Jesus Film Campaign to reach the unreached through these key ministry needs:

Jesus Film Riders: Equip a missionary with a backpack of gear to show The Jesus Film to up to 500 people at once. A brand-new backpack costs $2,800.

BiblePlus: Send a $50 audio Bible that will be shared by an estimated ten people.

Clean water filters: One $45 filter provides clean water for an entire family. These filters can open the way for a missionary to enter a community.


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