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Mission Network News to expand global team

Reporters in other regions will increase story capacity for Mission Network News

Each year, Mission Network News broadcasts 780 stories that inform and invite listeners to ask God how they can pray, give, go or advocate as a result of the news they hear.

In 2023, the MNN team wants to increase its ability to share stories of what God is doing by adding to their network of worldwide reporters. With the help of financial partners, they want to explore working with experienced global journalists to help cover stories around the world.

It’s a strategic move that could have amazing results. MNN stories reach an estimated 975,000 people daily via radio, as well as podcast and online platforms. Imagine with us what the impact could be if these listeners knew more stories from even more regions of the world and responded with Great Commission action!

“Mission Network News provides that opportunity for you to be encouraged, to be strengthened, to be motivated to pray and just to be excited about what God is doing in the world,” said Tom Atema of Heart for Lebanon.

Will you help grow Christian news coverage by partnering with this listener-supported broadcast, which can be heard on 650 radio stations in 36 countries? Your investment on Giving Tuesday will help accelerate ministry-expanding projects like this one.


$20,000 to fund global journalists


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 on Giving Tuesday to accelerate key initiatives for 2023? Learn more at

In our Mission Network News ministry, we are praying God will provide funding to:

  • increase MNN's network of global journalists

  • help reach believers around the world with Christian news podcasts

  • grow MNN's capacity to tell more stories by supporting broadcast production

Learn more about specific projects we are planning to reach more Christians with global news coverage.


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