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One final mission

How Prayercast sparked one woman’s last assignment

A few years ago, Suzanne subscribed to Prayercast. God used it in profound ways to speak to her heart about the greater need for His Word and resources to be sent out around the world.

After watching Prayercast videos for several months, Suzanne watched one in particular that featured the overlooked Baluch people group. Little did she know, this encounter would become the catalyst for God’s mission for her in her final years.

Suzanne became a prayer warrior and financial supporter of Bible translation and missions work among the 11 million Baluch people who live throughout Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. She made many contacts with people who served in the area and got maps of where her people group lived. It became well known to the workers there that she was praying for them.

“There was not much positive going on in that area for quite a while,” shared one worker.

“Then suddenly there is a lady located in the U.S. that wanted to support the work and pray for this people group. That was such an encouragement to us.”

The Baluch region is a very difficult area of the world. Suzanne would sometimes question if her prayers were even being heard. Was it significant?

Suzanne passed away at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. At 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, her daughter received news from a ministry working in the Baluch region detailing a significant increase in spiritual inquiries they are now receiving from this formerly quiet region as they broadcast evangelistic content in their language.

As Suzanne's journey on earth came to a close, her legacy still continues to unfold in the remote corners of the Baluch region. Her story stands as a testament to the impact one person can have as they tap into the profound power of prayer and Spirit-led steps

of faith.

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