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Mission Network News

At Mission Network News, we  work to inform multitudes about stories that matter and empower them to take action that changes lives. MNN partners with organizations serving around the world to bring you stories of God at work. 

In the next year, we are working to expand our network of global reporters so we can deliver even more stories of world impact through radio and podcasts. Will you help us accelerate the work?

Thanks to generous partners, your gift will be MATCHED up to $100,000.

Learn more about three of our top priorities for 2023:

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MNN is working to expand our global coverage of news that matters. Your investment will help us share more stories of what God is doing around the world in 2023 as we increase our network of reporters to other regions

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MNN is heard on more than 650 radio stations in 36 countries. We are working to expand our reach by sharing broadcasts directly with believers around the world each day through automated podcast platforms. Your investment will help us accelerate those efforts. 

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Mission Network News produces more than 780 stories each year. Your investment will help us grow our capacity to tell more stories by funding the cost of audio engineers for weekly broadcast production. 

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Thank you for your partnership in the work of Mission Network News! 

Your gift will help us move forward with key initiatives in 2023 and fund operating costs associated with each project. 

Thanks to generous partners, your gift will be MATCHED up to $100,000.

Your investment will help us reach our goal of raising


to ACCELERATE strategic initiatives for 2023.

Learn more about what we have planned for each ministry, and decide how you want to invest:

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Accelerate OneWay's ability to respond to time-sensitive and strategic needs

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Accelerate world-changing prayer for the lost through free, compelling multimedia resources

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Accelerate opportunities for believers to pray and take action through news that matters

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Accelerate national evangelism training and discipleship to bring the gospel to the unreached

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Accelerate efforts to recruit, train and send workers to the Arab world

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Accelerate training of local leaders as they share the gospel and plant churches

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