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Meet the Team: Liz Lind

Get to know the OneWay team! This week we'd like to introduce you to one of the people working behind the scenes at OneWay to help Reach People.

Liz Lind was born as a missionary kid in Paris, France. When she graduated from college, she knew God had called her to missions but wondered what her next steps should be. Then Liz heard OneWay’s Shine CD while at the home of her parents, who had met OneWay founders Michael and Rachel Thompson a few years earlier.

“My heart was moved to reach out to the ministry,” Liz says. “I started as a volunteer, recording prayers for the Prayercast nations project and doing some writing. A few years later, I quit my job and joined full time!”

In her role, Liz has overseen and approved the development of all Prayercast resources and content, a full but rewarding task that included managing the entire Ramadan Challenge earlier this year. To Liz the best part of her job is “getting to be a part of activating the Church to reach the lost around the world!”

She loves working with the OneWay community, which has been like a family to her and her husband and sons. But she has another job that is her favorite: “being a stay-at-home mom to my two little boys,” she says.

When she’s not reviewing content for Prayercast, you can find Liz exploring a local forest preserve with her boys, who are 5 and 2.


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