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A serious mission

Former intern works as full-time with MNN to tell powerful stories

Lyndsey Koh started writing with OneWay’s Mission Network News as a 19-year-old intern. Now, she works as an official staff writer, covering stories in the Middle East, interviewing global church leaders and documenting the powerful ways God is moving around the world.

She reflects on her internship as a unique opportunity for a rigorous, real-world news writing experience. Koh was a freshman studying professional writing at Taylor University when Mission Network News’ executive director encouraged her to apply for a summer internship.

“I was impressed by MNN’s example of a professional Christian presence in the news media,” she says. “But more than just covering general news with a Christian worldview, they were actually talking to Christians on the ground who were being Jesus' hands and feet in crisis and even experiencing persecution themselves.”

At that point, she had only taken basic journalism classes. The news network, which is heard on more than 650 radio stations worldwide, required a higher caliber and faster pace of writing than she was used to. Her intensive training included learning how to write professionally, succinctly, efficiently and accurately and learning how to conduct interviews with sensitivity and intentionality. She learned from an experienced team who taught her to adapt stories for radio scripts, cut audio for radio broadcasts and write a compelling hook and headline.

“There were definitely times it felt like drinking from a firehose!” Koh recalls.

Knowing her stories would encourage people and prompt timely prayers made the hard work rewarding, and it’s part of what brought her back for three more summers as a freelancer before joining the staff. Her favorite part of the storytelling process is interviewing believers on the frontlines of the mission field.

“It really makes you think through the gravity of why we call ourselves Christians and the seriousness of this mission the Lord has given us,” Koh says

The stories that have impacted her the most throughout her time with MNN have brought her into contact with underground church leaders who share their passion for reaching people in the face of persecution and even death.

“If God has given you a gift in writing, using it for His glory instills a profound feeling of purpose,” she explains. “It's very inspiring and humbling.”

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