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DEBORAH'S STORY: Saved From Death

In her own words, hear how God used a OneWay Africa worker to reach Deborah with an audio Bible – before it was too late.

“I thank God, first of all for saving me from committing suicide. If it wasn’t for this audio Bible, I would have been in another world.

During the second pregnancy of my son’s wife, she complained of having severe pains in her ears and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately she couldn’t give birth before she died. When my daughter in-law died at the hospital, my husband got drunk, not yet knowing what had happened…

We informed him and brought the corpse and buried her. My husband didn’t ask if there were any expenses made, and I had to bear the total cost and take care of everything concerning the funeral.

When I had barely recovered from our loss, my granddaughter also died that same month. I heard a voice asking me, “What do you have to live for after all this has happened to you?” My husband also started insulting me. He called me a witch and said I was responsible for all the deaths in the family.

I was broke but gathered money and bought a bag of peanuts and made kulikuli, ( a local snack). I also bought poison and planned to kill myself after selling in the market the next day. Thank God for His intervention.

That day, Rose asked Pastor Joseph for a BiblePlus+ audio player. When she was passing by my house, I was preparing the kulikuli while crying. It was going to be my last day.

Rose asked me why I was crying and I narrated the story to her. After she heard this, Rose told me not to worry and played a sermon and a testimony from the BiblePlus+ for me to hear. She laid her hand on me, knelt down and prayed for me.

After the prayer, I realized that my life was not a waste and I chose not to commit suicide. I then decided to give my life to Christ.

My son started going to fetish priests because he was hopeless. I was afraid to give the BiblePlus+ to my son. One day I played it and placed it by his door and went to sleep. The next day when I was preparing to go to church, he decided to follow me to church and now we are both Christians serving God together.

I called one of my friends to come listen to what saved me from death. After she heard the testimonies [on the BiblePlus+], she called another friend and they listened to the Word of God together. That’s how I started a listening group. Two others joined later and now we have 10 people who meet together all the time. The people are craving the Gospel.

I thank God for saving me and using me to bring others to Jesus. I have seen a great change in my life.”

To learn more about how our BiblePlus+ player is changing lives, visit our OneWay Africa page.

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