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Many students who graduate from TMS go on to start church plants similar to the one pictured here.

Asad* came from a Muslim background, yet, when he was 11 years old, he expressed curiosity about Jesus. He wanted to know more about Him, but when his four older brothers found out, they beat him into submission to Islam.

A few years later, his father and brothers invited him to work with them. One evening, during a discussion about their life goals, Asad shared that he wanted to build a church and a school! Though his brothers were opposed, he announced in 2015 that he was going to follow Jesus.

They tried to bribe him to stay a Muslim, and when this failed, they threatened to beat him up. His faith was steadfast, and he agreed to take them on. This time they backed down and left him alone. Since then, Asad’s two sisters have given their lives to Christ.

After seeing the fruit from other young leaders who went through the training program, Asad’s pastor suggested that he attend the Tyrannus Missionary School (TMS), a Streams of Living Water training program in Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Bahrain. He is now studying at TMS alongside others who are also preparing to serve Christ in the Middle East/North Africa region. Praise the Lord!

Despite the severe persecution that often marks their paths, people like Asad are stepping forward to be trained and sent. TMS is one of the vital ways that Streams of Living Water is helping to equip men like him. Thank you for your prayers and support, which play such a crucial role in this work.

*Name changed.


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