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OneWay residents learn as they grow

Consider a chance to dive into ministry with OneWay

Young adults looking for a way to grow their gifts, talents and professional skills now have a longer-term option to do that at OneWay.

When OneWay launched this program in 2021, the team envisioned a longer-term, in-person experience for young adults who desire to develop specific ministry passion and skill, whether college-aged or not.

The program is designed to provide passionate, gifted young people with the opportunity to develop their skills for ministry in a real-life context as a full-time member of the OneWay team. Like interns, residents do this in the context of intensive personal discipleship, spiritual community and holistic spiritual formation. The hope is that it will launch them into a lifetime of Kingdom advancement.

The unique benefits of a OneWay resident’s experience come from the fact that they have nine to 12 months to invest in the community as well as explore ministry opportunities. They have a chance to go deeper in every respect.

“I’ve loved getting to see the OneWay team grow and getting to connect with my coworkers by living with [some of] them all year,” said Natalie Davis, one of the three residents who started with the program in 2021. She lives in OneWay’s intern house with four other women who are staff members or residents like her.

Davis was introduced to OneWay in 2020 as a virtual summer intern but decided to come back for the full residency program after graduating from Grace College.

“The most rewarding part of my residency has been getting to see the impact OneWay’s ministries have on people and getting to see people be blessed and reached for the gospel,” she shared.

Davis works in graphic design and has seen herself grow through the many different kinds of projects that have come her way the past eight months. Regarding OneWay’s young adult program as a whole, Davis says, “If you want to make an impact and love community, this is definitely the place for you!”

OneWay residencies can begin in June, August, or January and last anywhere from nine to 12 months. Residents are typically recent college graduates who focus on the same eight ministry tracks as interns do: Communications, Audio/Video Production, Music & Worship, Outreach & Evangelism, Missions Advocacy, Finance & Management and Operations & Admin.

Learn more about the residency and internship programs, compensation and costs at Acceptance to the program is rolling. If you wish to apply or have questions, email


Make an investment in helping to expand OneWay's residency program. We are hoping to fund additional staffing and housing needs this year.


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