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ONEWAY INTERNS: Melanie's Story

OneWay's mission is to activate God’s people to exalt Christ and advance His gospel to the multitudes. Melanie Miller experienced the magnitude of this statement in her own life through her experience as a OneWay intern.

“I had my own ideas of what I thought I should be and do. Yet, patiently and faithfully, God revealed His real purpose for me in bits and pieces. Through the people, places, and events He brought my way, He redirected my life and heart wholly towards Him. One of those very influencing events was my internship at OneWay.

“Not only did that internship provide development of practical and professional skills, but more significantly, it helped to radically transform my spiritual life into a relationship with Christ that I never knew was possible. Until my internship, I did not realize just how far away I’d kept God out of my life plans, nor had I realized how much He wanted to be involved in my life.

“The genuine love, mentoring, and investment in me as a person by the OneWay staff was unlike anything I’d experienced before and its impact persists even to this day. At OneWay I not only learned about the power of prayer and community, but I experienced it, and this has strongly shaped my relationship with God ever since. In many ways, as I reflect on the complete turnaround in my life that’s occurred in the past few years, my time at OneWay and the relationships I built there helped begin the journey to where I am now in life.

“God used the internship at OneWay to bring me to a place of surrendering my own desires and plans to Him in order to bring me to a place I never imagined for my future, and yet in His infinite wisdom, it is perfect and better than what I could have ever imagined.

“God turned the heart for prayer and the desire to serve His beloved people that grew in me at OneWay to bring me half way around the world to serve the forgotten in India and then back home to be a part of Joni and Friends to help share His love with and serve the often overlooked and unvalued people in the disability community across the globe. I am so grateful that God brought me to OneWay for that internship that begin a life-transforming journey for me.”

Click here to learn more about OneWay's internship program and how you can involved.


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