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Meet OneWay’s growing team

The work that OneWay does to reach people with the life-changing news of Jesus Christ can only happen because of incredible partners like you, and our growing team of staff, volunteers and residents. Since the beginning of 2021, we have added 17 people to our North America team.

COVID-19 has changed work environments around the world, including ours. Nearly one-third of those who have joined our team work remotely from places like Michigan, Seattle and Ohio. Team members work anywhere from 5-40 hours a week on Kingdom-advancing projects.

We want to introduce you to 17 new team members who have joined OneWay since the beginning of 2021. You can read more about many of these staff members in our "Meet the team" posts on our blog.

Barb Huls, Finance Assistant and OneWay Africa Advocate: Barb helps the Finance Team keep the books, process donations and manage data, and she provides support to OneWay Africa.

David Sadik, Studio Video Editor: David is an audio engineer and video editor who creates projects for Prayercast and OneWay Studios.

Emily Roth, Admin Assistant and Social Media Specialist: Emily designs graphics, runs social media and maintains the websites for Prayercast and MNN.

Jamie Howard, Prayercast Editor in Chief: Jamie oversees the production of Prayercast content and will lead our upcoming Love Hindus initiative.

Joe Schweitzer, Prayercast Manager: Joe joined the team in December of 2021 and now leads the day-to-day operations of Prayercast.

Kate Kavanaugh, Young Adult Coordinator: Kate builds relationships, hosts events and keeps our intern and resident program running smoothly.

Katie O’Malley, Communications Resident: Katie helps share the heart, mission and stories of OneWay with ministry partners while handling administrative tasks.

Margaret Ereneta, One80 Podcast Producer: Margaret is the producer and driving force behind the One80 podcast.

Marianne Kiel, Writing Specialist: Marianne took on her role this January, writing and editing content with the communications team and

overseeing administrative tasks.

Natalie Davis, Graphic Design Resident: Natalie uses her creativity to design graphics for OneWay print material, social media posts, the OneWay website and more.

Nelly Mikhail, North American Development Manager: Nelly focuses on donor relations and fundraising for Streams of Living Water.

Rainie Curtiss, Member Care Specialist: Rainie shows appreciation to donors and staff by writing letters, managing data and organizing events.

Ryan Henry, One80 Podcast Host: The dynamic host of our One80 podcast, Ryan helps to tell incredible stories of Jesus turning lives around.

Serena Nottingham, Music and Worship Resident: As a year-long resident, Serena has been gaining real-time ministry experience in leading worship.

Stephanie Starr, One80 Graphic Designer: Stephanie creates graphics for the One80 podcast and keeps the website up to date.

Stan Key, Teacher and Pastor: Stan is the newest member of the OneWay team. He serves as a resident pastor and teacher who will help train field workers and also share decades of experience and wisdom through various teaching media and events.

Thomas Egler, Studio Producer: Thomas joined the media team in 2021, developing creative concepts and producing videos with OneWay Studios.

Are you looking for a way to use your gifts and talents to reach people? We are looking for volunteers, summer interns, and year-long residents to help in what we call “the greatest cause in the world.” Email us to learn more.

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I'm excited to learn more about these new team members and their individual stories in the "Meet the Team" posts on the OneWay blog. It's always great to hear about the diverse backgrounds and backgrounds that make up such a passionate and dedicated team.

Keep up the good work, OneWay, and congratulations to your team for growing! Together we can make a difference.

By the way, if you are interested, use VHS capture. This will benefit you and your article too.

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