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Lives transformed

One80 podcast celebrates two years of sharing stories

David Brooks grew up in a hippie commune with 10 moms, 23 siblings and one difficult and abusive father. When he escaped that life with the help of child protective services, David struggled to find a place to land and turned to drugs for comfort. He never expected that a random invitation to attend church would change the course of his life forever.

When David discovered that his Heavenly Father was so much more than his earthly one, his life transformed. The Holy Spirit worked in David’s heart and challenged him to follow Jesus with everything he had. Today, David says that he is “high on the Holy Spirit,” and his life is transformed by the power of the gospel.

David’s is just one of many amazing stories you can find on OneWay’s One80 Podcast, which completed its second season in 2023. With two seasons and 52 episodes, One80 is preparing to launch season three with more stories about how Christ has transformed the lives of those who follow Him.

“Every Christ follower does have a story to share, and God's an awesome author,” said Margaret Ereneta, One80 producer. “We want everybody to be empowered to share their story.”

One80 uses its platform to share stories of believers from all walks of life. The show has featured celebrities and authors alongside church greeters and college students. Hosts have also interviewed people from every kind of upbringing, from atheism to Islam to Christian science to hippie communism.

“We want to represent the beautiful color of God's people,” Ereneta said. “We want to have guests on the show of all ages and stages of life.”

But One80 is more than just a podcast. Their mission is to equip and activate their listeners to share their own stories and advance the gospel message. They even have an online resource that helps people develop their own “two-minute testimony” to share in daily conversations.

“We are a part of God’s plan to reach the lost, and our lives are a testimony,” Ereneta said. “God wrote your story, so it's already awesome. Why not share it?”

Upcoming guests include a U.K. wrestling pastor, a warlock from Santeria, a senior pastor who combatted OCD and a cowboy preacher. These stories are coming from all over the world, including the U.S., India, Afghanistan, Poland, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

“We are hoping that the stories shared on One80 are so compelling that listeners will share them with others,” said Margaret Ereneta, One80 producer.

Listen to One80 at, on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify. Pray for One80 Podcast as they share more stories of transformation and activate believers to share their stories for the Kingdom.

Doreen Virtue grew up in Christian Science, which opened the door to the occult. She became the top author in New Age ideology. But as Doreen was listening to a popular radio pastor exposit on false teachers, she felt the Holy Spirit speak to her. Would it be enough to change her view on New Age?

Find out what happens next in Doreen’s story when season three of One80 Podcast launches Oct. 31.


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