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Jesus Film Campaign reaches 300,000

OneWay’s Jesus Film Riders team reached a milestone in 2022 of showing the evangelistic movie about the life of Christ to more than 300,000 unreached people since the initiative began in 2012. Nearly 35,000 people have accepted Christ as a result!

The Jesus Film Riders are a group of six young men who travel across Ghana on motorbikes as part of the OneWay Africa team. They focus on reaching people groups in remote parts of western Africa that have never heard of Christ.

They spend long hours speeding across the bush, often on unpaved roads, to reach remote villages. At times, they might have to push their bikes through water or balance them on a canoe to make it to their destination. They face danger from both people and animals as they travel through the night.

Once a rider has built trust in the town and secured permission from the chief or another “man of peace,” he is able to show The Jesus Film. After the showing, the rider shares the gospel and invites people to come forward to accept Christ.

When able, the team offers free water filters to help solve a chronic problem for thousands of people in Ghana without access to clean water. More than 600 water filters have been funded in 2022 thanks to the generosity of OneWay partners.

The rider’s time in a village continues in disciple-making ministry. He stays and leads small group discipleship meetings using tools like BiblePlus audio players that give villagers access to the Bible in their heart language. Since 2012, the OneWay Africa team has distributed more than 17,700 audio Bible units to people in central Africa.

Will you help reach even more people in 2023 through the work of the Jesus Film Riders? Your investment on Giving Tuesday will help equip more riders, provide water filters and put the Word of God into the hands of more people through BiblePlus.


$45 provides a water filtration unit

$50 provides a BiblePlus solar player

$2,675 provides a Jesus Film backpack with equipment to show the film to 500 people


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 on Giving Tuesday to accelerate key initiatives for 2023? Learn more at


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