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How the current crisis is affecting our partners worldwide: A letter from Gospel Advance

Dear Friends, In the wake of the coronavirus, our partners around the world are directly impacted by businesses shutting down, closing ministries and social distancing becoming an enforced norm.

At this time, we ask you to join us in prayer for them as they seek to function and carry out Great Commission work amidst the chaos. The Equipping Evangelist cannot travel abroad, but is finding creative ways to do virtual training for overseas partners, as well as actively writing training materials and mentoring the local Gospel Advance team. The greatest threat to the church in all of history took place in Acts 5 when all 12 apostles were arrested and put in prison. But the Holy Spirit cannot be locked up and the advancement of the gospel is unstoppable! Let us all find ways to share the good news in this reality. Please pray for:

  • Our partners Roli and Lucia in Europe, who sold their home and quit their jobs to go to an exploratory training with YWAM. Shortly after, the training was canceled due to the coronavirus. Pray they would continue to put their trust in the Lord for provision for the present and direction for their future.

  • Our partner, Felix, in South America, as relief efforts and future ministry is being hindered due to the crisis. Also, their family is currently sick and in need of healing.

  • Our partners in Greece would find opportunities to minister to refugees even with their ministry center closed.

  • Pray for our Gospel Advance Team as we keep finding ways to share the good news locally and abroad.


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