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“Even I can learn the Word of God!”

The Bible comes to life for believers around the world

All over the world, Heart Bible for the Nations is changing lives through the work of trainers like Ambrose, a pastor in Africa.

A Heart Bible Ambassador in countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, Ambrose learned this method of Bible teaching from OneWay’s Gospel Advance team. He now equips other believers to evangelize, grow churches and develop their own relationship with the Lord.

When Ambrose began pastoring, many of the people in his congregation struggled to learn through written materials. They weren’t able to remember what they learned but more importantly, it wasn’t gripping their hearts.

After being trained in the Heart Bible and implementing it in his community and church, Ambrose described how people, young and old, educated and uneducated, men and women, could all learn and teach God’s word.

Recently, Ambrose took a trip to Kenya to conduct a Heart Bible training there. He went with a pastor named Gabriel who is also from Rwanda. Before using this method, Gabriel struggled to teach Scripture in a way that his congregation could learn or be excited about.

Once Gabriel began using the Heart Bible method, the congregation doubled in size, and people would say, “Even me, I can learn the Word of God!” Gabriel’s testimony encouraged the leaders in Kenya that the Heart Bible works and can be used in their own church setting.

When Ambrose and Gabriel arrived in Kenya, the church there immediately welcomed the training, and they were excited to learn the Bible. As Ambrose began teaching, the pastor of the church exclaimed, “Ah! You didn’t come with a Bible!” He was shocked, thinking that Ambrose had come to the training unprepared. Although Ambrose did have his Bible with him, he said to the pastor, “I am sharing the Bible from inside my heart.”

The pastor saw that he was teaching a method that allowed the people to learn God’s Word just from hearing stories. They didn’t have to know how to read and write; they just had to listen, internalize, and practice telling the stories out loud. They caught on to the method quickly and loved learning the Bible in this way.

Ambrose also brought Heart Bible to Mombasa, near the border of Tanzania and Kenya, a majority Muslim and illiterate area. The church in Mombasa embraced Heart Bible, finding that even Muslims are more open to hearing about who Jesus is when listening to a story rather than reading from the Bible.

When Ambrose took a group out to evangelize at night with Bible stories, someone stood up and said in amazement, “This is not the Gospel I know.”

Many people in that area have only heard of the prosperity gospel. Ambrose used the story of Nicodemus to help them understand what it means to be born again, and for the first time, they heard the true gospel message. Five people came to accept Jesus as their Savior that day!

Praise God for these true life transformations. Around the world, God is using trainers like Ambrose to bring his Word to life.

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