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A heart for the next generation

Help activate even more young adults for ministry

When OneWay founders Michael and Rachel Thompson were in their early 20s, they were influenced by several mentors who “infected them” with a heart for the Great Commission.

Partly as a result of their young start in ministry, the Thompsons have always had a passion for helping young people realize they have been called by God to bring the gospel to the nations.

So in 2008, they eagerly welcomed OneWay’s first interns into the office they had established in the basement of their home. Their goal was to raise up these two young men for a lifetime of service by discipling and equipping them spiritually, relationally and professionally.

Since then the program has grown exponentially. More than 115 interns and residents have served at OneWay in a variety of capacities, from audio and video production, to worship and outreach, to communications, administration and finance.

“Everyone has different gifts and a unique role to play in the Kingdom,” Michael Thompson says.

In missions, like war, there is a need for funding, resources and communication, not just front line action, he explains. We want to help young people see that God can use every gift and personality type for the glory of His kingdom.

OneWay’s first two interns both went on to use their gifts and talents in Kingdom-advancing work. One took up full-time vocational ministry, becoming lead pastor of a church in Indiana. The other is on staff with OneWay as Studio Manager.

Dozens of other interns continue to use the skills gained during a OneWay internship to reach people in their professional and personal lives. Fifteen young people are working with us this summer on projects that include writing communications pieces, designing social media posts, creating Prayercast videos, learning street evangelism and more.

In 2021, OneWay expanded the program by bringing on three residents for a year-long stay. Two of those residents recently joined our team as full-time staff.

We want to continue to grow our internship and residency programs this year and beyond. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to expand housing, increase staffing and supplement program costs. With your help, that goal is within reach!

Would you consider helping us activate even more young adults through a dynamic ministry experience? Your gift will be doubled through July 15!


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