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6,000 miles apart; a common goal

Africa and U.S. teams train young people for ministry

OneWay’s two main ministry centers in the Chicago area and Accra, Ghana are 6,000 miles apart, but our teams on both sides of the world are focused this month on activating young adults into ministry.

Thirty students from 10 African countries began the next season of theological training and practical field experience at OneWay’s Livingstone School of Missions in Ghana.

At the same time, 25 young adults have moved in for their summer of Kingdom-building work at the OneWay headquarters in the Chicago area. These interns will be developing their professional skills while growing spiritually.

African students choose from three levels of training that differ in longevity and intensity. A month-long program offers students initial training. They can earn an advanced certificate as part of a three-month program or graduate with a diploma from the one-year program.

No matter what level of training students complete, these young people will receive education and real-world experience with world missions, evangelism, disciple-making, leadership, church planting, cross-cultural communication, Islam, theology of missions, language and culture learning, Christian apologetics and support raising, among many others.

With the help of faithful partners, more than 160 students have completed training at the Livingstone School of Missions since 2017.

We praise God for the work He is doing and will do in the hearts of these young adults in two different parts of the world! Join us in praying that both the Livingstone School of Missions’ students and OneWay interns would grow and be empowered to reach and save the lost.

Join Livingstone School of Missions’ efforts to raise up a generation for missions by funding a student!

A gift of $500 to $1,000 will fund one student’s travel, training and housing expenses for one year.


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