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Streams training to mobilize church planters

More workers prepared for ministry in the Middle East, North Africa region

Missionaries are being mobilized, trained and deployed on the field into some of the hardest to reach people groups in the Middle East and North Africa. Streams of Living Water’s Impact Schools, our missionary training schools for Egyptians, run for 10 months, with students attending one weekend a month and doing research, field trips and lots of reading in between.

Those commissioned for ministry are sent out to plant churches among the unreached. This year 16 graduates were sent to the field as missionaries, joining the 32 already serving in 15 different countries around the world.

For the first time, Streams is set to begin three Impact Schools due to the large number of Egyptian Christians desiring training. The schools will be held in Aswan, Asyut and Hurghada, Egypt with a total of 68 students.

Your Giving Tuesday investment could help send more church planters into the field in 2023.


$480 will cover the cost of training one student


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 on Giving Tuesday to accelerate key initiatives for 2023? Learn more at

Your investment between now and Giving Tuesday will help expand our work in Africa and the Middle East. In our Streams of Living Water ministry, we are praying God will provide funding to:

Learn more about specific projects we are planning to reach more of the Arab world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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