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Meet the Team: Lydia Harvey

Get to know the OneWay team! This week we'd like to introduce you to one of our summer interns.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

College: Central Piedmont Community College

Major: Advertising and Graphic Design

OneWay track: Advancement Team

Lydia Harvey is in tune with her creative side. Growing up, Lydia enjoyed writing. But when she started thinking about what she wanted to do as a career, she didn’t feel like being a writer was what the Lord had for her. At 13 years old, in exasperation, she simply asked God what He wanted her to do. And she very clearly felt the Spirit within her say, “Draw.”

So, that’s exactly what Lydia is doing. She is an Advertising and Graphic Design major at Central Piedmont Community College, and she is planning on becoming a graphic designer for a Christian company right out of college.

Her dream, though, is to illustrate Christian webcomics. Lydia loves brainstorming new characters and fiction stories. She has drawn a few of her ideas but tends to not do anything with them. The webcomic industry is one that is not at all developed in the Christian realm, and Lydia’s dream is to add to this form of media with her stories and artwork.

Lydia appreciates that OneWay is giving her the opportunity to grow her skills in graphic design, as well as disciple her in Christ.

“They aren’t in it just for the sake of your education, but for the sake of nurturing your relationship with Jesus,” Lydia explains.

We welcome Lydia to the team!

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