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Love Muslims reach expands

Ramadan challenge available for the first time in four languages

One of Prayercast’s key initiatives happens each April during the month of Ramadan. This year, when most of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world were seeking God in fasting and prayer, tens of thousands of Christians united as part of the Ramadan Prayer Challenge to intercede for followers of Islam.

Love Muslims video views nearly doubled from 2021 to 2022 thanks in part to an initiative to translate prayers into three additional languages. Each year Prayercast chooses 30 videos for the prayer challenge out of the more than 130 videos in the Love Muslims series. In 2021 the 30 videos were translated into Arabic. This year’s video set was made available in Portuguese and Mandarin.

“The reason we want to lead people to pray is so that it changes things for people around the world. But also God changes our own hearts when we pray.” ~ Amy Kuepfer, Prayercast Partner Relations Manager

More than 950 people followed Prayercast Português on its Instagram account that was created and led by partners in Brazil. The videos captioned in Mandarin reached more than 800 subscribers on YouTube at Prayercast | 中文.

“[This initiative] helps us a lot when it comes to interceding, since many times we pray alone,” a Portuguese speaker wrote in response. “God bless this project greatly.”

These translations wouldn’t have reached these believers without the generosity of donors and volunteers who approached the Prayercast team with a specific interest in bringing Love Muslims to speakers of Portuguese and Mandarin.

But even with a team in place, the work met with challenges. A partner in Ukraine was helping Prayercast by translating videos into Portuguese, even with the country at war.

“It was amazing how they just kept on going with translation,” said Amy Kuepfer, Prayercast’s partner relations manager. “We were getting some things literally the day before we were posting it.”

Prayercast intends for these initial 30 videos in each language to be simply a starting point for translating a full set of the more than 130 Love Muslims videos.


Find Love Muslims videos for (Brazilian) Portuguese speakers on YouTube (Prayercast | Português), Facebook (Prayercast Português) and Instagram (prayercast_portugues). For videos in Mandarin, go to Prayercast | 中文.


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