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God answers prayer for facility in unexpected way

After more than a year of praying, pursuing leads, working with realtors and visiting properties for a potential OneWay headquarters in the Chicago area, our team this summer decided it was time to pause all of our human efforts at finding a new home office. We launched 40 Days of Prayer for our new facility in June, and asked our OneWay partners to pray with us that God would give us direction for our next U.S. headquarters.

While we were focusing on the United States, God was working miracles in another part of the world.

At the OneWay Africa headquarters in Accra, Ghana, the team had outgrown their facility, too. The Africa team wasn’t necessarily looking for a new building, but God provided anyway!

Students often slept in tents outside of the Philip Center, which was the hub of training, outreach and offices. Because OneWay rents this property, they were limited in what they could do there.

Just six doors down from the Philip Center, a facility became available at the end of the 40 Days of Prayer. Because of the generosity and faithfulness of supporters who have given in the past to enable OneWay to grow and expand its reach to the lost, OneWay was in a position to quickly respond to this opportunity.

The Africa team closed on the building last week and plans to use the facility to train and send scores of workers in the years to come.

“I would say that was a direct answer to prayer,” said OneWay Africa Director Ray Mensah. “The 40 Days of Prayer undertaken by the OneWay family opened the doors. Everyone says the Lord has given us this facility.”

The new property will include residential housing for students, a training center, a prayer room and offices. It will also have a media studio as part of OneWay’s long-term vision to launch studios for recording and editing at locations in countries where we have international bases.

“It has been my dream and vision to have a permanent place for OneWay in Ghana while I was still director,” said Mensah, who has led the Africa team for the past 20 years. “I thank the Lord that it has become possible now. Glory to God! We seek to leverage the use of this new facility for the expansion of God's Kingdom on earth.”

OneWay leaders continue to pray for clarity and pursue leads for a facility in the Chicago area. Please pray that God will guide us as we seek His direction for our next home in the U.S. and provide the resources to expand our work throughout the world.


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