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DANIEL'S STORY: Anywhere But Illinois

While growing up in Singapore, Daniel always thought he would be involved in ministry, but it wasn’t until he witnessed a miracle during a missions trip that he believed that for sure.

When he was 15, Daniel led a missions team from his church to a tribal village. Hundreds had gathered from neighboring villages hoping to receive free food.

However, there was a problem.

All the team had to share was a bowl of chicken – hardly enough to feed the village, and certainly not enough to feed a crowd of several hundred people.

Despite this, the team fed all the people and had food left over. As Jesus had fed the five thousand, He fed the several hundred villagers that day.

Daniel went on to work as a full-time musician for about a year before he joined Operation Mobilization (OM), a ship ministry where he served for two years as a worship leader.

After serving with OM, Daniel studied at Moody Bible Institute, where in 2016 he unknowingly helped create OneWay/Prayercast's Chicago 77 videos in the Moody Radio studio. After recording prayers, Daniel took them home, edited them and added his music.

Later, Daniel met fellow student Hannah Thompson and became connected with OneWay. When Founder and Executive Director Michael Thompson called Daniel about joining the OneWay team, Daniel had his reservations.

He and his wife Stephanie had two prerequisites for what would happen after Daniel finished school at Moody:

• first, no fundraising

• secondly, anywhere but Illinois!

“I told God, if you want me to join OneWay you are going to have to convince my wife, and He did,” Daniel explains. “We just knew we were supposed to be here with OneWay – for so many reasons. First, it fit perfectly with what I wanted to do and secondly we had the strong impression that that’s where God wanted us to be.”

Today, Daniel oversees the audio ministry of OneWay Studios as a head engineer and producer, leading a team that creates music for various projects. His wife, Stephanie, serves part-time as Assistant Communications Director, putting her many skills and passions to work.

Together, these two are making an awesome impact, all while based in the great state of Illinois! ~

Much of Daniel's music can be heard on our Prayercast videos. Check them out at

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