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Make a strategic impact in raising workers

Missionary school trains Africans to reach unreached

Harriet was working as a typist, but her passion for missions and lost souls left her wanting more for her life in West Africa. When she heard about OneWay Africa’s Livingstone School of Missions, she decided to enroll in the program for young adults with a passion to advance the gospel.

As part of her one-year training, she served a predominantly animistic community in a remote part of North Ghana. Her journey to this unreached people group included a one-hour motorcycle ride and climbing a mountain for three and a half hours to reach the Akyode people — an indigenous tribe known to be hostile to outsiders.

“I already had a calling to work as a missionary, [but] I didn't know much about what I was to do,” Harriet explained. “So Livingstone School of Missions actually helped me to get more insight to missions, what it is all about and what is expected.”

Harriet was amazed by the powerful work of the Lord drawing Muslims and animists to respond to the gospel and surrender their lives to Christ. Her experience was life changing.

Today, she lives as a full-time missionary among the same Akyode people she ministered to as an LSM student. She has a special love for working with children and sharing Bible stories and songs with them.

Training local missionaries to serve in their own countries is just one of the one of the most effective strategies OneWay is using to reach the lost in Africa and the Middle East. We are praying God will provide $20,000 this Giving Tuesday to help mobilize even more young missionaries like Harriet through OneWay Africa’s Livingstone School of Missions, which gives them practical training and field experience to reach multitudes for Christ.

“Anytime I'm talking about ministry, I remember the Livingstone School of Missions,” said Rev. John, an LSM graduate and pastor who serves in a remote village in North Ghana.

Students can choose to attend the school of missions for one month, three months or one year. Those who stay for the full year spend three months on the field in an animistic community and three months in a Muslim community in addition to six months in the classroom.

With the help of faithful partners, more than 160 students have completed training at the Livingstone School of Missions since 2017. Many graduates have joined the OneWay Africa staff, and six are currently serving as Jesus Film riders.

Would you prayerfully consider joining Livingstone School of Missions’ efforts to raise up a generation for missions by funding a student? Your investment between now and Giving Tuesday will make a strategic impact in reaching people with the gospel in Africa.

We are excited to share that your investment in reaching people with the gospel will be DOUBLED thanks to generous partners who have pledged $100,000 in matching funds to help us reach our $200,000 goal! Praise God!

​Your investment will help grow God's Kingdom

Goal: Activate 20 young adults to gain missionary training through Livingstone School of Missions

Total cost: $20,0000

How can you help?: $1,000 covers travel and living expenses for one student at LSM


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 between now and Giving Tuesday to activate key initiatives for 2024? (If you previously gave toward Giving Tuesday in November 2023, your gift also will be matched.)


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