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Impacting Lives: 2020 Vision

I was recently at a friend’s house and noticed that the branches of his pear tree were propped up on every side.

When I asked why, he said that when the pears grow, the branches simply aren’t strong enough to support the weight.

As we were talking, another friend who was with us chimed in, “I used to have a pear tree, but one day it just fell over because it had too much fruit, and I hadn’t braced it.”

At this point in OneWay’s history, we rejoice in the tremendous fruit God has given.

With your help, the gospel has been presented to hundreds of thousands of people, with hundreds of churches planted. Millions have used our media to pray for the needs of the world. Hundreds of workers have been trained and sent. To God’s glory alone, the reach and impact of this work has grown significantly.

However, we’ve recognized the tremendous need for support in that growth. Like a pear tree, we need help to uphold the existing and future fruit. That is exactly why OneWay is engaged in its first-ever capital campaign.

Whether you feel called to help support one branch of this work or the tree as a whole, we invite you to joyfully be part of reaching people for Christ, “the Greatest Cause in the world.” Visit to donate or learn more.


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