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From atheists to followers of Jesus

A family in Spain discovers the love of God

OneWay’s Streams of Living Water team is part of an incredible effort to share God’s love through street evangelism, church planting and discipleship training. Recently, team members shared a story of how God used dreams and His Word to reach a lost family.

Nagat disciples women in Spain as a missionary with Streams. One of the women (who we will call Sophia) shared how her family went from being committed atheists to a family of Christians. Their story shows how God can work in unexpected ways to draw believers to Him.

It began with Sophia's sister, who was going through a time of confusion and questioning. As she searched for the truth, she saw a man in a dream. She wondered if this could be Jesus but had no idea what He would look like. When she searched the internet for pictures of Jesus, she found images that looked just like the man in her dreams. She immediately turned her life over to Christ and began to read the Bible.

Sophia’s sister shared with her that she had become a Christian. One day when her sister was gone, Sophia went into her room to clean it and found the Bible there. Out of curiosity, she began to read it and discovered that the Bible talks about God's love and how He loved the world so much that He sacrificed His Son to save us. Every time she read the Bible, this great love of God brought her to tears.

A few days later, Sophia overheard some of her friends at the university asking questions about Christianity. Although she did not know the answers to what they were discussing, somehow the answers came out of her mouth! That led her to accept Christ into her life.

Sophia and her sister decided to share their newfound faith with their father. As they shared this news, they used the verse, "I am the way, the truth and the life..." (John 14:6). Their father had heard this verse before, and it kept resonating in his head until he too turned his life over to Christ.

Sophia now attends discipleship classes with Nagat every week and is a great encouragement to them all. Praise the Lord for her family’s salvation!

Streams of Living Water recruits, trains and sends believers from the Middle East and North Africa to reach the Arab world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Subscribe to their regular email updates here. To donate to their work, click the link below.


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