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Afghanistan: A Living Parable

By Rachel Thompson

At the end of August, many of us woke up each day wondering how many people got out of Afghanistan the day before.

We watched with horror as we saw images of desperate people clinging to airplane wings during takeoff.

We melted with compassion as we heard agonizing pleas from people banging on an airport gate just to get in – just to have a chance to get out.

And, regardless of our political persuasion, part of our hearts sank when we heard the last U.S. troops had left, because we knew the devastating ramifications for those left behind.

Yes, the last few weeks have birthed in us a new compassion and concern for a nation whose future is in the hands of a cruel enemy.

Without knowing it, we have been given a living parable – with two stark differences in the story.

Most of us don’t wake up every morning wondering or – if we are honest with ourselves – even caring much how many people came to Christ yesterday.

And the very people who need to be rescued have no idea of the impending danger. Most aren’t clamoring for our help because they don’t even know they’re in trouble.

On both sides of the proverbial airport gate, there is numbness, obliviousness.

We whose calling it is to rescue souls are making, in general, a lackluster effort, with little hint of the urgency of the mission. And those who need rescue are largely unaware of their predicament.

It is a deadly combination.

In many ways, we are living in the safe confines of the barracks enjoying the company of other soldiers. We may study the war manual, but we don’t always do a whole lot to actually engage. And we’re certainly not accustomed to giving up much of our daily routine, much less putting ourselves in harm’s way to do something about it.

God help us.

Help us to care. Help us to act. Help us to sacrifice.

Help us give up our time. Help us give up our money. Help us open our mouths to share the gospel.

Save us from numbness. Save us from fruitlessness. Save us from regret.

Help us to work while it is day, for night is coming when no one can work. Night is coming when no more planes will take off for safety.

We may not be able to save everyone, but help us to work – as far as it depends on us – to get as many out as possible.

Change our thinking. Change our focus. Change our dreams to line up with Yours.

Let us be so consumed with Your purposes that those around will be inspired to live for something greater. Something significant. Something eternal.

Let us stop being satisfied with low goals and petty pursuits. Save us from even our boredom with these things.

Break our hearts enough to care. Open our eyes enough to see the eternal realities for what they are. Set us on a journey of purpose and meaning. Give us the gift of living on mission with You. Give us the joy of being spent for something that matters.

How desperately we need You. How desperately the Church needs You. How desperately the world needs You.

In Your mercy, Lord, hear our prayer.

To pray for the people of Afghanistan, watch our Prayercast video here.


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