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Thousands follow Christ through work of Jesus Film Riders

“The nations are ready!” five Ghanaians joyfully sing as they embark on another journey.

Armed with their motorbikes, a Jesus Film projection kit, and the Holy Spirit, these five young men ride across remote parts of Ghana, West Africa, spreading the Good News of Christ.

Though they are all college grads, the Jesus Film Riders have chosen to forego a typical marketplace career. Instead, they are dedicating their lives to telling their countrymen about Jesus as part of OneWay Africa’s Jesus Film Campaign.

“I ride for the glory of God,” is their motto.

With new jackets, helmets, gloves, and motorbikes — provided by the generosity of OneWay donors — they cross difficult terrain to reach remote villages as part of their charge to go anywhere, sleep anywhere and eat anything to spread the Gospel message.

The Riders have a lot of work to do in each location before they are granted the privilege of showing The Jesus Film.

First, they build relationships with villagers. When able, they provide water filtration units to help open doors and provide practical help to the community. Once they have built trust in the town and secured permission from a “man of peace,” they are able to show The Jesus Film.

Recent Jesus Film Outreach at Kasape

New Christians begin a formal discipleship program called Discovery Bible Studies. These are often fueled by Bible Plus+ audio players that OneWay Africa has produced. It’s a powerful tool that allows villagers to hear and study the Scriptures in their local language. The new believers also are trained to disciple others.

The Jesus Film Riders have had a fruitful spring.

In April 2021, they showed The Jesus Film to 943 Ghanaians; 224 people made decisions to follow Christ. In May, they reached 958 with the film and saw 91 converts.

Additionally, a discipleship training meeting in the region was attended by more than 700 people. At the conference, disciple makers talked about the gospel work in their communities, especially how the Bible Plus+ players have ministered to so many.

The impact of this past spring adds to the growing fire the Jesus Film Riders have sparked across northern Ghana.

Since the Jesus Film Campaign was launched in 2016, more than 225,000 unreached villagers have seen the life of Christ on screen. Amazingly, 28,226 of these have received Jesus as Savior.

Please pray for continued fruit as the Jesus Film Riders put aside personal gain and comfort each and every day to blaze new paths into unreached communities.

Truly, they are riding for the glory of God.

The recent baptism of a new convert


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