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Serena’s story: Internship provides professional development

An internship with OneWay isn’t just for those considering full-time ministry, says former intern Serena Hackett.

Hackett was a graphic design intern in 2020 and now works as a designer at a major ad agency. The internship helped prepare her for her first full-time job, providing hands-on professional experience and mentorship along with a fun, memorable summer before graduating from college.

“They develop your skills really well, and they let you grow in different areas that you want to explore,” Hackett says.

Not quite sure what she was good at, Hackett welcomed input from her team, who helped her identify strengths like logo design and illustration. The team pushed her to lean into her strengths and helped her focus on specific skills to develop throughout the summer.

Interns receive professional mentorship from their track leaders, like Advancement Director Emily Neal, who Hackett says gave her “great advice from the professional field.” As a designer, Hackett had to learn how to present her work to “clients” like Neal, responding to feedback and learning to design what others envisioned.

“It gave me a good first step toward a professional experience,” she explains.

Unsure whether or not she wanted to go into full-time ministry, Hackett was open to broadening her experience. She appreciated the opportunity to “contribute to a ministry but not commit your career to it.”

Since completing her internship, Hackett has enjoyed returning to complete projects for her old team at OneWay. And from the branding of One80 podcast three years ago to more recent designs, her work continues to make an impact on the ministry.

Do you know a young adult with a hunger to grow and the desire to do something valuable with their summer? Learn more about OneWay’s internship program at


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