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Meet the Team: Stephen Thompson

Get to know the OneWay team! We’re introducing you to residents who will work behind the scenes at OneWay this summer to help Reach People.

Hometown: Aurora, IL

OneWay track: Audio/Video Production

As he begins his year-long residency with OneWay, Stephen Thompson is excited for the opportunity to be part of meaningful Kingdom work, live with like-minded interns and residents and grow in his relationship with the Lord. He came to OneWay out of a desire to be more active in service and involved in the community.

By creating compelling media for OneWay’s ministries, Stephen will help activate world-changing prayer for the lost and engage people in the work of reaching people with the gospel around the world.

He also works part time at Olive Garden, never tiring of the good food.

Join us in welcoming Stephen to OneWay!

Learn more about how Stephen will help people reach people at

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Love you so much!!!!!!!YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks for being a great brother!

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