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Home today, far tomorrow

OneWay Africa to raise gospel workers to cross borders

After completing a three-month course in missions, six students have chosen to continue with OneWay Africa’s year-long Livingstone School of Missions program by entering the mission field for the next six months.

Some will serve in their home countries, while others might take the gospel to specific unreached people groups. They will raise their own support and seek to confirm God’s calling on their lives, all while actively sharing the gospel.

Raising up the next generation of missionaries is key in OneWay Africa’s expanding ministry vision, which is to take the gospel north to unreached people in the Sahel, a vast region that stretches across many nations marked by instability and terrorism.

“We've mostly been working in Ghana, and we feel it's time to really launch out deep,” says OneWay Africa Director Ray Mensah. “It's more challenging, more work, more for everything, but the unreached have to be reached. So, we [trust God] to raise radical people who are ready to go.”

The Sahel is a geographic region that touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea. Included within it are Mauritania, Mali and Niger, nations where more than 90% of the population live in people groups considered unreached with the gospel.*

Mensah says most parts of the Sahel are home to radical Islamic groups, describing it as “a high-risk area.” One example is Burkina Faso, which borders Ghana to the north and has seen an increase in terrorist activity in 2023.

But no danger should keep the gospel back.

“We believe God has people He wants to send,” Mensah says. He intends to travel to these areas himself, and next year OneWay Africa will work to recruit missionaries specifically to go into the Sahel.

For now, please pray with OneWay Africa for this year’s Livingstone School of Missions. Lord willing, all six students will return to Accra in March 2024 for an additional three months of equipping and then enter the mission field again. Who knows if some of them will go to people groups in the Sahel?

*Source: The Joshua Project

Pray with us:

  • Pray for the six Livingstone School of Missions year-long students. Ask for God’s help and provision for them as they raise their support and serve in ministry.

  • Pray for strategic, God-given wisdom for OneWay Africa as they look to reach into the Sahel. Ask God to lead them to take advantage of every opportunity.

  • Ask God to raise up missionaries specifically called to go to people groups in the Sahel.

Consider investing in a Livingstone School of Missions student: $500 to $1,000 covers their program expenses for one year.

Learn more about last year’s Livingstone School of Missions class in the “New Graduates” blog story.


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