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Health screening outreach led eight women to Christ

OneWay Africa team brings practical care and the gospel to local women

This is the follow-up story to our October 11 blog post, Medical care opens doors for gospel.

OneWay Africa staff, volunteers and medical ministry partners provided a free breast cancer screening to 50 women in Accra, Ghana this fall. After hearing the gospel message during the outreach, eight women accepted Christ!

The team intended this second urban missions outreach of 2022 to minister to a staunchly Muslim people group called the Mamprusi. The Mamprusi are one of 17 unreached people groups in Ghana, and they live in several communities near OneWay Africa headquarters in Accra.

Their plans for the outreach took some unexpected turns, however. In the week leading up to the outreach, a number of challenges arose that required them to reschedule the screening from Saturday to Sunday. This change decreased the number of volunteers who were available to serve as well as the availability of the Mamprusi women they were trying to reach. Of the 50 women who received screening, fewer than 10 were Mamprusi.

Despite these challenges and changed expectations, the day ended well. In the evening, when the screening was over, the team went specifically to the area where the Mamprusi people lived and fearlessly preached the gospel with their portable audio system. Children also gathered during the day and were engaged with the gospel.

Portia Owusu-Amoateng, director of urban missions, said her team learned valuable insights, which they plan to apply for greater effectiveness in future ministry. She also shared the encouragement she received from a fellow staff member during the outreach.

“[This person] told me God is the one who determines our fields of harvest. Some fields are in their seed-sowing seasons, some are in the watering seasons and others are ripe for harvesting. They all add up to the perfect will of God for soul-winning in missions.”

The OneWay Africa team is trusting the Lord to lead them in future medical ministry among the kayaye community they served in March 2022, which could also allow them to reach Mamprusi women again.

(Read about the March 7 ministry to the kayaye here.)

Join the OneWay Africa team in praising the Lord for the eight women who accepted Christ and for the five Mamprusi women who have been meeting for discipleship since then. Pray that these women will grow in their understanding of the gospel and will be given boldness by the Lord to take the gospel back to their families.


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