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God provides new staff for House of Hope

In Juba, South Sudan, a small girls' orphanage called House of Hope houses 48 young women. These girls come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have at least one thing in common: each has been rescued from the ravages of a war-torn nation and the risks of being trafficked.

Until now, these girls had been cared for by three adults who work with OneWay's Streams of Living Water at House of Hope: Andrew, Susanna, and Mary. Needing more help to raise the girls, the team began a search for women of solid character and deep faith who they could hire.

God provided two women to fill those roles!

Paska and Diana have recently joined the staff at House of Hope. Paska works to manage and coordinate the many people who help at House of Hope, including cooks, soldiers, a farmer, a baker, and more.

Diana is currently caring for the nine youngest girls at the home.

With each girl coming from a different and complex background, Streams of Living Water and the entire staff at House of Hope is very thankful for the extra hands they were able to find in Paska and Diana!

OneWay is thankful for our generous partners who help support all that God is doing through Streams of Living Water and House of Hope.

Paska and Diana (right) recently joined the staff at House of Hope


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