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Hundreds of audio Bibles reach Ghana

A long-awaited delivery arrives safely at the Philip Centre

More than 1,600 BiblePlus+ audio players were delivered to west Africa this month, thanks to the support of partners who provided funding for the audio Bibles and the tenacity of OneWay team members who delivered them after more than three months of travel delays.

A team was set to deliver the audio Bibles back in January, but their trip was canceled just hours before their departure due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions. Since then, six 50-pound suitcases of carefully packed BiblePlus+ players and other technical equipment have been stacked in the living room of OneWay team members, Pete and Beth Beckman.

“Today, as Beth and I begin our flight to Ghana, I think about an old joke: ‘We plan, God smiles,’” Pete wrote on his blog. In four action-packed posts, he chronicled the whirlwind trip that allowed them to safely deliver the suitcases and return home in less than a week.

These trips are prone to mishaps and difficulties, as evidenced by the trip that was canceled in January. So as always the Beckmans readied their vaccination cards, visas, donation documentation and answers to airport security questions. But God prepared their way, and they stepped into Ghana less than 24 hours after they left home.

The purpose of their trip was twofold: to deliver BiblePlus+ audio players to the OneWay Africa team on the field and to plan and record new projects. Although English is the official language, more than 50 indigenous languages are spoken by different people groups throughout Ghana. Many of them have never heard the gospel, which makes BiblePlus+ audio players a vital tool for bringing scripture, testimonies, songs and sermons to unreached people in their heart languages. Read more about BiblePlus+ here.

Joshua records the music team

The audio Bibles were provided by OneWay partners who donated to the project during Giving Tuesday and throughout 2021. An estimated 1600 extended family units will hear the gospel in their heart language — many for the first time — thanks to the generosity of our partners.

Shortly after arriving in Ghana, the Beckmans joined the team at the new Philip Centre in Accra as they planned projects, edited media and recorded video and audio to point listeners to the truth of the gospel.

Doctor Pricilla prepares to share for a BiblePlus+ recording

During their four days there, Beth worked with Abraham of the OneWay Africa team to develop logistics for taking media from the recording stages all the way to remote villages via the Jesus Film Riders.

Though they have now returned home, the Beckmans’ work continues via Zoom while the team in Ghana will record, edit and plan projects including the installation of a soundproof recording room in the Philip Centre.

Please pray for the wisdom of all those involved, that the new projects might be effective in spreading the gospel. Pray that God will use these BiblePlus+ recordings to powerfully move in the hearts of listeners.

To help fuel the ministry of the Word to unreached people in Ghana, click the “donate” link below.


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