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More than an internship

Young Adult program expands into the community

OneWay’s heart for young adults isn’t only for the interns who work with us for a summer. We also want to create a place of community and spiritual growth for young people in the area.

Our team is making an intentional effort to build a dynamic community for young people who already have a heart to reach the world. We hope that others will develop a passion for missions as they interact with this community.

“Whether or not you're a resident or intern, the needs that our programs address exist beyond OneWay’s programs,” explained Hannah Thompson, Young Adult Director. “We want to address them on a greater scale because there’s a tremendous need for discipleship and community in this generation.”

OneWay’s Young Adult team is working to plan events this summer, including worship nights, open mic nights and a backyard style festival that will include food trucks and outdoor games. OneWay recently brought on a new team member, Carl Fisher, whose role is to help bring young adults together through fun and engaging events that will also challenge people to grow in their faith.

“Most post-college young adults, or those in their early 20s, feel an emptiness from not having a friend group or a community,” said Kate Kavanaugh, Young Adult Coordinator. “We want to encourage young people to go against the urge to be comfortable alone and help people find a place to belong, have fun and be held accountable.”

We know that not only are young adults leaving the church, but churches often struggle to find a way to engage this demographic in a thriving community.

“The world says ‘do your own thing,’” Kavanaugh explained. “But the Bible says, ‘you’re supposed to belong to something and Someone, because you do!’”

Would you help us draw even more young adults into a passion for the Great Commission? We are expanding our young adult program this summer and beyond. Learn how you can help:


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