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Unshakable Joy

A Livingstone School of Missions graduate reaches thousands

After he accepted Christ as a teenager, Cyrus Nyamenlewoke told God honestly that he was too shy to share the gospel with others. Instead, he planned to work hard, get rich and give money to missions.

But God had greater plans. As Cyrus began devouring the Bible, it changed him.

“I realized one day I was standing in front of somebody, sharing the gospel,” Cyrus says. He was stunned, but from that point on his passion only grew.

After graduating from university, Cyrus chose to work with a missions group in rural northern Ghana for his required year of national service. Then, instead of pursuing a career in line with his degree, he searched for more missionary training.

That eventually led him to OneWay Africa’s Livingstone School of Missions (LSM). During the one-month intensive program, he realized for the first time that billions of people have never even heard the name of Jesus.

OneWay Africa asked Cyrus to join its Jesus Film Campaign in 2021. Today, he rides his motorbike to unreached villages and shares the JESUS film, audio Bibles and other resources among the Sissala, Wali, Chakali and Dagaaba people groups.

It’s a calling that fills him with unshakable joy — and one that has been tested. He holds a degree in Petroleum Engineering, and his family has strongly urged him to finish his education in the U.S.

“In 2023, I was preparing to take my master's and then realized God doesn't want me to go anywhere. All those things were cut off,” Cyrus says. “I'm really grateful to God that He has given me a focus, that ‘This is where I want you to be for now.’”

God has worked in awesome ways through Cyrus and the five other missionary riders with the Jesus Film Campaign. In 2023 alone, they shared the JESUS film with more than 64,300 people, 8,644 of whom professed faith in Christ.

Classes are just a few weeks away from starting! Help us equip as many future missionaries as possible.

$750 Average cost to train one missionary

$375, $200, $100, $50 Share the cost of training a missionary


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