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Travel the Muslim world with Prayercast

2023 Ramadan Prayer Challenge is a “world tour”

In today’s digital, hyperconnected world, we don’t have to physically travel to a country to learn about its history, people, cultures, struggles and even spiritual needs. That’s part of what makes Prayercast’s Ramadan Prayer Challenge such a compelling tool for life-changing prayer for Muslims.

Since 2019, the Ramadan Prayer Challenge has shared brief prayer videos calling thousands of believers around the world to ask God to work powerfully among Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan.

Each year’s video sequence is carefully chosen from a library of more than 130 videos focused on the Muslim world. This year, the Prayercast team plans to take followers on a tour of some of the largest Muslim areas in the world as they pray.

From March 22 to April 21, Prayercast will take us to the five nations with the highest Muslim populations in the world. At each country, we will hone in on particular touch points such as education, government, displaced people groups, social issues and more.

After taking us to those five nations, the world tour will close with a focus on Muslims in the western world — and leave viewers with a big-picture grasp of the Islamic faith today.

“It’s such a neat way [for] a believer to be educated on all things Muslim in order to, one, pray for their Muslim neighbors but, two, also have words to be able to interact with their Muslim neighbors,” says Prayercast’s Editor-in-Chief, Suzanne Heegaard.

Heegaard has seen her understanding of the Muslim world grow significantly as she has followed the prayer challenge.

“Pick up on the storyline and follow the journey that will take you through the Muslim world so we can learn together,” she says.

Join the daily prayer challenge during Ramadan:


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