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Ramadan Prayer Challenge available in five languages

Spanish joins the campaign in 2023

Prayercast’s Ramadan Prayer Challenge is available this year to Spanish speakers, giving them the chance to unite in prayer in their heart language for the Muslim world.

Spanish is the fourth language that the Ramadan Prayer Challenge has been translated into, following Arabic, Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s another exciting step in Prayercast’s goal to make its free prayer resources available to even more believers around the world.

The Prayercast team began preparing last fall for this year’s campaign, which will be active in all four languages as well as English. Translation was a key component of preparing for this year’s campaign, since not all of this year’s 30 videos were available in Spanish, and eight videos needed to be prepared for Arabic speakers.

The Spanish campaign is available to follow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Last year’s launch of two new languages allowed more than 950 people to follow Prayercast Português on its Instagram account (created and led by partners in Brazil). The videos captioned in Mandarin reached more than 800 subscribers on YouTube at Prayercast | 中文.

“It helps us a lot when it comes to interceding, since many times we pray alone,” responded a participant in the Portuguese campaign. “God blessed this project greatly.”

Pray for the Prayercast team and their partners as they prepare all of the details for the prayer challenge. Pray for excellence in the details, and ask God to call many people to pray for Muslims during Ramadan for His glory.

“God knows who is going to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Jesus and He knows the hearts and minds of every soul,” says Joe Schweitzer, Prayercast manager.

“I like to remind myself to keep my eye on how God is moving and how He might be able to use not only Prayercast but even me individually, to be able to keep my own personal awareness to ‘What is God doing in any given moment at any time?’”


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