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Ramadan has ended — keep praying!

The need for prayer continues

If you were part of the global movement to lift up the Muslim world for the Ramadan Prayer Challenge, thank you!

Friday April 21 marked the closing of Ramadan for 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. During their holy month, Muslims sought Allah through prayer and fasting, acts of charity, pursuit of faith, and some even through pilgrimage.

But most importantly, the God of the Bible is seeking Muslims! What God did during these 31 days of Ramadan is impossible for us to trace out, but we know He has heard our prayers and is moving powerfully to reach people following Islam with the hope of Christ.

And God also moved in the hearts of those who prayed. Here are just two of the stories shared by those who participated in the prayer challenge:

– I have been praying for the Muslim world for many years, but with each Ramadan my prayers intensify for these beautiful souls. These are precious people who are so loved by God that He spared not His Son for them. I have been challenged to love and serve them with the love of Christ bubbling inside of me, with many a tear shed for them. Thank you at Prayercast for educating me.

– Thank you so much for these videos. Seeing the faces of children especially, moves me to tears as I think they are living in such hungry situations, and without knowledge of the Lord who is the well of life, the living Bread, the Only Way to the Father! Thank you for sharing voiced prayers. I don't have the right words, but the voices of people who have been there and been redeemed are priceless. Lord, hear our cry. Reveal yourself to these dark hearts — pierce the darkness!

Praise God for what He has done through His people’s prayers!


  • Pray for the Prayercast team’s ongoing ministry leading believers around the world in prayer. Ask God to give them spiritual insight and wisdom for many decisions.

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