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COVID Update with Michael Thompson

We recently sat down with OneWay President Michael Thompson to hear how the current pandemic has impacted the ministry.

Q: How has OneWay been affected by COVID-19 so far?

A: OneWay was built to help impact multitudes for Christ and, if anything, COVID has presented even greater opportunities for us to do that. In one case, we've been able to come alongside a struggling ministry and help with some of their media production needs for the Middle East. It's been a total joy to partner in this way!

Q: How have your overall ministry goals been impacted?

A: A big part of OneWay is media. We believe God is presenting us with tremendous opportunities at a critical time to reach the world digitally. COVID has accelerated our work by about two years, with vital long-term plans being moved to the front of the line.

For our summer internship program, we are disappointed we can't host interns in person this year, but are excited to still invest in young adults through a remote internship experience (accepting applications thru May 22).

Q: How is the work overseas going?

A: In places like West Africa and the Middle East, gatherings are limited, which affects outreach and missionary training efforts. Yet, ministry work is still moving forward. Our national workers are still in the field with a lot more one-on-one and even video-based connections.

Here again, media is also playing a role. One of our workers in northern Ghana has begun a weekly radio program called "Hour of Decision" where he is able to teach and share the gospel on a local radio station.

Q: How is OneWay’s stateside team doing?

A: Some might think COVID has slowed us down, but not so. Media production is continuing at full swing. We’ve also introduced a host of new resources. Several COVID Prayercast videos have helped tens of thousands pray in various languages. We’ve also released new music videos and launched a new weekly podcast.

Q: How is team morale?

A: We do miss the camaraderie of being together, but have enjoyed great prayer times by Zoom each morning and encouraging interaction throughout the day.

Q: You were in the middle of a capital campaign when the crisis started. What’s the latest?

A: With many facing health concerns, economic challenges, and the inability to travel and gather, we’ve decided to suspend all public campaign-related events and activities for now. We are still trusting God to provide $4 million however He sees fit, of which $2.3 million is committed.

Q: How are OneWay’s finances?

A: God has been so gracious in meeting our needs.

1. We sold our building in late February.

2. Our buyers are letting us stay in our current facility, rent-free, for the remainder of 2020.

3. We have not yet committed funds to anything new and still need to raise capital for our next home.

My most significant concern and prayer is for the day-to-day staff and operational needs of OneWay.

Q: Tell us about your search for a new ministry home.

A: We are actively evaluating several possibilities for a facility solution, which we will share more about as they materialize. At the same time, we see it as unwise to purchase anything just yet when commercial real estate values are somewhat volatile.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: Yes. I’m excited to be a believer in 2020! I think we needed a shake-up, and we got one. We all have an opportunity to be a part of the amazing things God is doing in the storm. In a typically hard-to-reach nation like Italy, for example, we are hearing reports of even atheists turning to Christ through ministries like Samaritan’s Purse. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for being a part of the OneWay family. Now is the time to shine for Him like never before.


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