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God opens door to expand training into Northern Ghana

Land donation is first step to build Philip Center North

The Lord has provided the first step needed to expand OneWay Africa training into a permanent location in northern Ghana. Praise God!

Believers in that area — known as the Kombaland — have been hungry for training, but they aren’t able to travel 15 to 18 hours by car or bus to the capital city of Accra to study at the Livingstone School of Missions.

The OneWay Africa team often travels to this area, and they have been praying for several years that God would provide a way to build a training center there, which they have already named by faith Philip Center North. In October a chief in that area donated several acres of land to make this possible.

“They felt in their heart and their spirit that this would be a center for a launching pad, and the Lord has made it so,” OneWay Africa Director Ray Mensah said.

Philip Center North would consist of 10 concrete huts built in a circle around the main training center. Each hut would house 10 people sleeping in bunk beds. The training center would be a large round building in the middle with room for 100 people.

The center would be used to host a Livingstone School of Missions, a model that has been used in Accra for intensive training and equipping of more than 160 people since 2017.

Projects like this one are among the strategic initiatives we are praying we can advance to reach even more people for Christ in 2023.

Your investment between now and Giving Tuesday will help accelerate projects like Philip Center North.


Initial estimate of $70,000 to $100,000 to fund construction of Philip Center North


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 between now and Giving Tuesday to accelerate key initiatives for 2023?


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