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ONEWAY AFRICA: 2019 Livingstone School of Missions

“[LSM] reminded me of my primary purpose of being on earth which is to make disciples. Every other thing comes second,” Abigail Abunow, Cameroon, Central Africa.

Recently, 34 students from 10 African countries attended OneWay Africa's Livingstone School of Missions 2019 (LSM), where they received approximately 80 hours of training in missions and participated in 7 days of gospel outreach.

The training included lectures and workshops on a host of topics, while the outreach included work among 11 schools and 9 villages. Over 3,000 people heard the gospel and 332 made decisions for Jesus Christ. Praise God!

As villagers surrendered their idols and Muslims came to Christ, LSM students realized their calling to share the gospel and reach the lost. Here is some of their feedback:

“I am ready and I have decided to go. I have learned a lot about missions. I have now discovered my purpose. My purpose is to be a missionary.” ~ Simeon Kabore of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

“There is more I can do to reach the unreached people groups. I have been impacted with a passion for the lost, as well as to bring change to my world.” Nawa Mubiana, Zambia, Southern Africa

“Now I am aware, I must be involved in reaching the nations and I must mobilize my church and other Christians.” ~ Donald Herbert Mele, Benin, West Africa

“I now have a strong urgency to respond to the Great Commission; to respond at any cost.” ~ Dianah Akpene Tsormanah, Ghana

Students left LSM with goals to share Christ, disciple believers and plant churches. Some left with a clear calling to begin serving as a missionary.

Praise God for the way He worked through LSM 2019! Please pray for these students as they return to their countries to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!


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