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New tools to spark prayer

Ignite your prayer life with fresh resources from Prayercast

How would you pray for Turkmenistan if asked to pray right now? To pray for specific people or issues, you would likely need guidance from a local believer. With a quick visit to, you would find exactly that — a video of a Turkmen believer leading you in prayer for his nation, all to the backdrop of beautiful imagery and music.

Prayercast’s Turkmenistan video is part of a monumental collection of 100 new and updated videos created in 2023 as part of our mission to activate worldwide prayer. 

With Prayercast videos, “It’s like getting to travel to these places without having to [go] there,” says Prayercast Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Heegaard. “It’s a little bird's-eye view of what’s going on in this nation — how the Lord sees these people. These are hearts and souls, millions of them, that we’re praying for.”

Why is it important that we pray for these 100 nations? 

“First, it’s a delight to the Lord; it’s an act of worship,” explains Suzanne Heegaard, Prayercast editor-in-chief. Our prayers align our hearts with the God who "so loved the world" and express our dependence on Him. “Lastly, there’s this mysterious part, that somehow, in tandem with our prayers, the Lord moves.”

In the last 10 years or so since many of the videos were first created, the world and its prayer needs have drastically changed. These 100 updated videos allow viewers to continue praying for specific and current needs.

Each video in Prayercast’s library of more than 400 prayer videos is evaluated based on its accuracy, timeliness and quality. As they evaluate, the Prayercast team assesses the quality and currency of the prayer recordings, music and footage. 

“They are all components that take you beyond the intellectual level,” Heegaard explains. Our vision is to see Christians around the world with hearts moved and prompted to pray for the nations, which is why we offer our entire library of videos for free. 

“Please share them!” Heegaard says. “We want exponential sharing so this gets in the hands of people worldwide so it activates worldwide prayer. God will do the work, but believers need to pray.”


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