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Multiplying stories from the missions front lines

For 30 years, Mission Network News has partnered with Christian workers around the world who have witnessed amazing stories of God’s work, but don’t always have the time or reach to share them effectively.

“We got front-row seats to the greatest show on earth,” said JP Sundararajan, a former missionary to India. “I felt this obligation to share these stories because they were not my stories: these were our stories. And in sharing these stories the body of Christ is edified.

Another ministry, Heart4Iran, wanted to tell the stories of Muslims coming to Christ in Iran but had no idea where to begin.

Alone, these frontline workers felt their limitations, but partnering with MNN yielded unbelievable results.

“MNN was the first outlet that embraced, encouraged and partnered with [us] to talk about God’s redemptive work across the Farsi-speaking world,” one of Heart4Iran’s leaders said. “Since then, our partnership with MNN has been a strategic and anointed collaboration, highlighting geopolitical, spiritual and transformational events important for Western Christians.”

Sundararajan remembers how the team at MNN would take the stories he sent and turn them into professional news articles posted on their website. He would then be able to share through social media and his other web portals — an answer to his deep desire to connect with his congregations back in the US and around the world.

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