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Meet the Team: Natalie Davis

Get to know the OneWay team! We'd like to introduce you to one of the people working behind the scenes at OneWay to help Reach People.

When Natalie Davis was in college, she wanted to find a way to use graphic design for missions, but every time she asked someone in ministry, she got the same response: they weren’t sure if they needed someone with her skills. But one year, during her school’s missions week, she visited the table for Mission Network News, who told her about OneWay and their internships specifically for graphic design. That summer, she participated in the summer internships over Zoom, and she returned as a full-time staff member she graduated the following May.

In her role, Natalie designs pretty much everything you can think of! A member of OneWay’s advancement team, Natalie has built up and maintained OneWay’s brand across books, brochures, newsletters, event materials, and other print resources. She also uses her artistic skills to create logos, icons, merchandise, and sometimes web and social media content!

“I love how many different things OneWay does,” Natalie said, “and I love getting to see the outcome of those projects and initiatives.”

If you look for Natalie around the OneWay office, you’ll most likely find her with a cozy blanket, a good candle, and a podcast, playlist, or audiobook in the background. When she’s not working, Natalie loves to watch her favorite shows and spend time with her family.

Learn more about how Natalie helps people reach people at


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