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Meet the Team: Louise Lamb

Get to know the OneWay team! We’re introducing you to interns who will work behind the scenes at OneWay this summer to help Reach People.

OneWay Track: Communications

At Moody Bible Institute, Louise Lamb has learned how to express theological truths about God in creative ways through writing and audio.

“The more I learn about Christ and His immense grace and sacrifice, the more I feel the need to remind and support the Church in their testimony of Christ to others,” Louise said. 

But she didn’t know how to use her gifts to practically serve the Church, so she asked God to show her how and give her courage to follow Him. 

He opened the door to an internship with OneWay’s communications team, where Louise hopes, “to become a better writer and learn as much as [she] can about supporting the Church in missions.”

Learn more about how you can help Louise reach people at


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